Dig up that can be used comfortably even if you use it!

It’s the cool system, Pagora.
Did you go to work well today?
It’s gotten a lot warmer, and now it’s really…
I feel that spring has begun.
I want you to prepare well for the spring that’s just starting.
I hope you have a good time!
Cheongpyeong Pension Arch-Type Pagora Installation

This time, we’ll be preparing for this season.
We proceeded with the installation of Pagora at Cheongpyeong Pension.
I installed Pagara at a cafe in the pension.
Now, we’re going to use it outdoors.
There’s room for coffee.

Remove the shade and proceed with the phagora installation.

Before we set up the Pagora,
They set it up as a temporary shade.
She’s not good-looking, she’s weak in the wind.
Vulnerable to rain and temporarily available in the summer.
It used to be a shade, but now it’s a strong, pretty phagora.
The cafe has become even more attractive.
Even before the Pagora installation, you and the client…
Through many conversations, installation in some way.
I’ve decided whether to proceed.
Take all the materials and work directly on the ground.
We were able to proceed.

The Pagora work site was much easier.

Usually, when you’re working on a Pagora,
High-rise buildings or high-rise areas.
I’ve been working on it, and I’ve had a lot of fatigue.
It takes relatively long to work on it.
We’ve been working on the ground.
Because the floor level wasn’t high.
I remember working relatively comfortably.

Setting up columns meticulously on decks

I had to put a pillar on a wooden deck.
Set the position, mark the post on the deck.
I cut it according to the shape and installed a column.

It’s a job to cut off the deck and build a pillar.
You can’t cut off the deck by mistake.
Check it out, concentrate, no errors.
Operation in progress.

Maybe it’s because the wooden deck is old.
Because the deck wasn’t as good as I thought.
I worked on it because I paid a lot of attention to detachable.

Tear off the deck and use the lower steel frame.
Cheongpyeong Pagora Column was built.
Build a strong post, finish the rest of the framing.
I’ve returned the torn deck to its original state.

Now that the framing is complete, we’re going to have to finish.
Do the upper part of the phagora.

In the case of Pagora, once you set it up,
Because it is used semi-permanently.
The initial construction is very important.
To prevent mistakes in the cool system phagora.
I finished the work meticulously.
Even at night, it’s a great dig.

The work was done during the day, so the picture with the nice lighting was…
I didn’t get to film it, but Pagora was still in the night.
The LED’s got the vibe.
You can make a great appearance.
We’ll complete the Cheongpyeong Pagora installation.
About how it works and how it’s managed.
I’ll pass it on to you.
We tested it again together.
Pagara, available depending on the 파고라 circumstances.

Dig according to the circumstances.
I can say it’s closed and open.
It’s an automatic process.
Depending on the conditions of the users,
You can use it comfortably!

Again this time, successfully.
I finished the Cheongpyeong Pagora work.
As the weather warms up and spring approaches,
For the new leader, I’m going to ask you to set up the Pagora.
There are a lot of people who are giving it to us.
For accurate consultation, check the scene.
Depends on the installation site and size.
It is possible after checking the details.
If you don’t understand this,
If there is anything ambiguous, please contact us.
I’ll help you understand.

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