the method for using the technology guarantee fund loan

Hello, KNF Small Business Support Center. Today, I am going to post about the use of technology guarantee fund loans. In the business, funds will be needed for various reasons such as the necessary capital for the early days, and the essential operating expenses such as employee wages that go out even if they breathe. In fact, it is ideal to use your own funds for business.

But almost all employers will not be able to do business with their own funds. Especially, things such as facility funds may require a large amount, so a large loan is needed. However, in order to cover the scarce capital, you will hit a bigger wall than you think to get a loan to the banknote.

Most of the banknotes’ loans require collateral.

If there is no collateral, the limit to receive the loan will be reduced, and the credit limit of the company or the representative will be set, so you can cap the amount you need. Therefore, the government is lending to companies that have been in crisis due to the failure to obtain the collateral required by the bank, by organizing budgets at low interest rates as policy funds. Policy funding projects do not require collateral required by commercial banks, have a high limit, and have a long loan period at low interest rates, so it is a method of financing SMEs to think first.

Among the various policy fund projects, the Technology Guarantee Fund is a government support project that lends policy funds to SMEs with good business skills. The Technology Guarantee Fund loan evaluates the intangible technology held by the company and issues a guarantee for the technology. Companies make it possible for financial institutions to finance with this guarantee; therefore, in order to get a loan from the company, it must be a small business with new technology.

The items that should be identified within our company that affect the loan before the technology guarantee fund policy loan is newly implemented are the current sales of our company, the date of establishment of the company, whether it has existing loans, patents, certificates, research institutes, etc., the credit score of the representative, bankruptcy, rehabilitation history, and the number of employees based on the social insurance. If you have learned these basics, you need to know what funds our company needs. For example, whether or not the working capital for raw material supply and demand, employee benefits, etc. is needed, and whether or not facility funds are needed to expand the business.

The policy funds of the Technology Guarantee Fund do not require collateral like commercial banks.

However, since it is a support system that uses government subsidies, the screening process is very difficult and must be passed by experts. Therefore, it is necessary 폰테크 for our company to accurately identify the nature of the funds needed, and to apply for it; most of the notary loans are to be accompanied by applications and business plans.If the initial application and business plan are written to melt the technology of our company, it will be able to borrow from the financial institution after receiving good scores in the subsequent technology evaluation and field survey, and if the policy fund is approved, the guarantee will be issued.

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